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GO-SD10 | 10W Outdoor Flex Solar Charger

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Flex 10W outdoor portable solar charger with weatherproof fabric bag, green energy to charge your powerbank, gps, smartphone & more



• Unfold Dimensions: 430 × 265 ×13mm
• Folding Dimensions: 265 × 215 × 20mm
• Type: flexible portable CIGS thin film solar charging and waterproof fabric bag
• Maximum power: 10W ; Material: CIGS ; Weight: 295g
• Durable, moisture-resistant, can be trampled
• No built-in battery, environmentally friendly
• Shade protected, continues to charge when part of are in shadow.
• Water resistant & designed for outdoors.

Charging for 2600mAh power bank:
In the sunny weather (0% - 100%): 2.5h - 3h
In the cloudy weather (0% - 100%): 7.5h - 8h

Capacity rating        Pmax         10W
Voltage At Pmax      VMPP (V)   5.2
Current At Pmax     IMPP (A)    1.0
Efficiency                 η (%)         16

Operating conditions
Temperature range: -20 to 70°C
Certifications and standards: SGS, RoHS and CE

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