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ARMOR-X Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro protective case with handstrap


Armor-x X-mount protective case ipad pro hand strap sport app

The X-Mount System is a patented design. It helps to secure devices to our series of heavy-duty mounts and racks. Specially designed for sports lovers, devices with X-Mounts can be moved conveniently and quickly between settings. Devices become rugged GPS navigators, action cameras, and companions in extreme terrain, weather, and underwater. Empower your smart device in extremes

ARMOR-X Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro protective case with handstrap

ARMOR-X Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro protective case with handstrap



ARMOR-X Waterproof / Shockproof / Fish Eye Protective Cases for Tab Pro with X-mount system

Want to cover your Tab Pro with the best protection or even one step further to mount it everywhere you want? With patented interchangeable adapter let you mount on your bike, car, helmet or even boat. It is the strongest, lightest and most secure mounting solutions on the market included bike mount, car suction cup mount, tripod mount, armband, boat mount and even actions sports. Change the way you play with your Tab Pro and turn it into a training buddy, a bike computer, travel navigation GPS with live traffic updates or HD Action Camera.

Armor-X has the best Tab Pro waterproof cases with IP68 protection, Tab Pro impact rugged protection cases, Tab Pro fish eye cases and more. Active style cases design for outdoors and adventures.

One System. Endless Adventures. Best protective rugged case for Tab Pro

Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro Bike & Outdoors [ X-mount ] | Design for outdoor sports

One System. Endless adventure. Using our Patented X-MOUNT Slide & Lock mechanism, it secures your Tab Pro to your bike, motorcycle, car & even a boat. Your  Tab Pro can be just mounted in a second with our quick mounting solutions. We have a wide range of selection for driving, riding, jogging & even sky diving. It works perfectly for your marine boat, turn your  Tab Pro into GPS or sea map.

Design your own gear now for your favorite sports & outdoors adventures. Turn your Tab Pro HD action camera, training buddy & more. Design for Tab Pro

Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro sport sweat proof headphone & weatherproof outdoor speaker

We have wide selection of headphones, earphones and microphone speakers for your Tab Pro choose from in-ear, on-ear and around-ear wireless headphones. rainproof and sweat proof design for sports. It is ultra compact in size and light weight for your phone calls and music.

Our speaker really shines outdoors and connects easily to your Tab Pro via bluetooth. While you're enjoying the great outdoors this Summer, whether at the beach or elsewhere, you’re going to want the loudest portable waterproof Bluetooth speaker you can find.

Find the best headset and speaker for your Tab Pro

Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro Coolest gadget design for your home & office

You can find a wide selection of smart devices design work prefectly with your Tab Pro from home automation switch, LED light, smoke sensor, smart scale, security cam to air purifier.
Find the best smart home device and accessories for your Tab Pro

Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro Power Bank, Portable charger, Cable

We have wide selection of power bank battery, portable charger. It serve as an 'extra battery' or external charger for your Tab Pro
It is ultra compact with high speed charging. Find the best power bank to charge your Tab Pro

Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro Car Mount, Universal Holder design for car | Table top | Home & Kitchen.

ARMOR-X offers a Tab Pro car mount that will stick to your windshield or dashboard, offering you 360-degree rotation when in place. It is is a multiple-compatibility Tab Pro car mount with wide selection from air vent mount, car windshield suction cup mount to CD car mount. Easy to install and keep your Tab Pro secure.

We also have table top, C-clamp, suction mount design for your home or kitchen use and turn your Tab Pro as cooking book or media music center.

Best design for Tab Pro

Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro wireless charging cases, receiver & transmitter base

Stay powerful using any wireless charging technology. Compatible with Qi and other wireless charging pad, you can top off your Tab Pro and juice pack case in cafes, cars or anywhere that has a wireless charge system available.

Tab Pro car chargers for those times when you are on the move and need to keep your Tab Pro charged up

Find the best car charger / wireless charger for your Tab Pro

Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro Screen Protector

Armor-X provides the best protection for screen for your Tab Pro. From ultra clear tempered glass to Anti-Blue light film protects your eyes.

Find the best screen protector for your Tab Pro

 Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 T320
 Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 3G Lite T321