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ARMOR-X LG  G4 G4 Stylus IP68 2 meter waterproof case with carabiner


Armor-x X-mount protective waterproof case LG G4 G4 Stylus armband sport app

The X-Mount System is a patented design. It helps to secure devices to our series of heavy-duty mounts and racks. Specially designed for sports lovers, devices with X-Mounts can be moved conveniently and quickly between settings. Devices become rugged GPS navigators, action cameras, and companions in extreme terrain, weather, and underwater. Empower your smart device in extremes

MX-AP7 ARMOR-X LG G4 G4 Stylus IP68 2 meter waterproof case with carabiner

MX-AP7 ARMOR-X LG G4 G4 Stylus IP68 2 meter waterproof case with carabiner



We have all been there. Those moments when we are caught off guard and let our phone slip right through the fingers. Those who love the outdoors are even more prone to the risk of cracking or breaking your devices. Armor-X provides a series of heavy-duty cases for your LG G4 to lift the burden off your shoulders. Our years of expertise in the industry have enabled us to create products that truly embody versatility and style. Our extensive product line includes rugged, shockproof and waterproof cases that are supported by X-mount, our innovative mounting solution.  With a universal adapter, users are free to attach their devices to virtually anything interchangeably, such as bikes, cars, boats, helmets and more. Our shockproof and waterproof cases are complemented with a number of accessories including a belt clip and a carabiner, designed to prepare you for outdoor adventures. Made of high-grade materials, our cases are made to last and withstand the toughest conditions in the nature, making them one of the best options on the market.


In the face of extreme environments, your needs have evolved, and so have we. Besides protective mountable cases, we also offer a series of mounts that are catered to various outdoor shooting purposes. Dive into your next adventure and let us take care of the rest.


Bike mounts

Whether it is a motorbike, road bike or mountain bike, our universal mounts and handle bar holders protect your phone from vibration, scratches and drops while keeping your hands free. Roll through the mountains or simply go riding around using our 180-degree rotation feature for easy switching of upright and horizontal view as you navigate through your maps, GPS tracking and fitness apps.


Car mounts

Speed up your daily commute and keep your phone secure in seconds with our car mounts. Stable and adjustable, they are compatible with not just your iPhone but also iPad, Android and GoPro. Various parts and locations in your car including the windshield, air vent, dashboard or backseat can be accommodated with our versatile collection. Drive while keeping an eye on the changing traffic conditions from your phone.



We have made jogging a whole lot easier with our armbands that are specially designed to keep out sweat or rain. Compact, lightweight and durable, the armbands come with or without a plastic pouch, leaving you the option to store your cards and keys with an added layer of protection. Don’t worry – you can still have access to fitness apps and control buttons of your phone despite the added plastic screen. Take your training buddy out to the tracking field and start running today.


Action sports mounts

Record at high speed and take extreme shots of your next adventure from down low to up high. Our action sports camera mounts are your perfect companion when you go skiing, skateboarding, mountain biking or any other outdoor activities. Mount your GoPro or phone to helmets, chest straps, monopods and more to shoot from your desired angles and positions to capture some of life’s best moments.


For creative travelers

Bring your camera with you to every corner of the world and capture moments with your loved ones in beautiful wild landscapes. Enhance your storytelling through photography and videography with a stable, sturdy tripod and stabilizer. For creative vloggers, you can video yourself speaking and capture your surroundings at the same time with our 2-in-1 monopod tripod and make a lasting impact on your audience.


One system, endless adventure – our mission is to unleash the possibilities of outdoor adventures by enabling users to mount their devices anywhere. Simply slide, lock and go, and begin to explore the wonders of the world with ultra ease and convenience.

Armor-X | Best Heavy-Duty Protective Cases for LG G4
Armor-X offers a variety of mountable waterproof, shockproof and rugged cases for your LG G4. Attach your device anywhere for your next adventure!

ARMOR-X Waterproof / Shockproof / Fish Eye Protective Cases for G4 with X-mount system

Want to cover your G4 with the best protection or even one step further to mount it everywhere you want? With patented interchangeable adapter let you mount on your bike, car, helmet or even boat. It is the strongest, lightest and most secure mounting solutions on the market included bike mount, car suction cup mount, tripod mount, armband, boat mount and even actions sports. Change the way you play with your G4 and turn it into a training buddy, a bike computer, travel navigation GPS with live traffic updates or HD Action Camera.

Armor-X has the best G4 waterproof cases with IP68 protection, G4 impact rugged protection cases, G4 fish eye cases and more. Active style cases design for outdoors and adventures.

One System. Endless Adventures. Best protective rugged case for G4

Best Bike mount for LG G4

One System. Endless adventure. Using our Patented X-MOUNT Slide & Lock mechanism, it secures your LG G4 to your bike when you are cycling.

Our multi-functional bike mounts are created to suit your outdoor needs as cyclists. The 180-degree rotation feature allows you to adjust your LG G4 to horizontal or upright viewing easily so you can navigate through maps and biking apps in strenuous surroundings with convenience and ease.

Your LG G4 can be just mounted in a second thanks to ARMOR-X quick mounting solutions. ARMOR-X Bike Mount for LG G4 is the lightest, strongest and most secure mounting solutions available in the market and the LG G4 bike mount supplied with all the gear you need to mount on your bike. Work semaless with your cycling APPs or GPS APPs. We have mount design for your Garmin Bike computer too.

Design your own gear now for your favorite sports & outdoors adventures. Turn your LG G4 HD action camera, training buddy & more. Unique and interchangeable bike mount design for LG G4

LG G4 Jogging & Fitness

We have wide selection of armband, waist band design for running and gym. It is rainproof and allow you to carry your LG G4 around and turn it into a training buddy. It works perfectly with our heart rate sensor belt or watch band.

Transform your LG G4 into a personal trainer and music player to begin your jogging journey. Experience quality, comfortable materials with extra space for you to store your keys, cash and cards. If you prefer an armband without the bulk of a pouch, we also have you covered. Simply slide and lock your phone tight with the help of our mounting adaptor.

It is ultra compact and light weight. Find the best armband, bike mount and Bluetooth sensor for your LG G4

LG G4 for Driving & GPS

Commuting has never been this easy. Get instant traffic updates and avoid congestion with our versatile car mounts. Mount your LG G4 to the dashboard, windshield or air vent so you can keep your eyes on the road at all times. From cup suction mounts, adhesive mounts and bar mounts , a wide selection is available depending on your needs and preferences. Easy to install and remove, our mounts ensure maximum protection for your LG G4 through the bumpy roads.

It is ultra compact and light weight. Find the best car mount and accessories for your LG G4

LG G4 Photo & Video Shooting camera accessories - selfie stick, fish eye lens kit, flash, tripod

We have wide selection of camera accessories design for LG G4 from selfie stick, photography fish eye lens kit, camera cases to tripod mount, remote shutter, external flash or 3-axis stablizer.

Telling a good story is everything. Whether you are a seasonal travel blogger or nature lover, our multi-functional stabilizers and tripods are handy tools that let you mount your camera and simultaneously. Take your creative photography and videography to the next level now.

It is ultra compact and light weight. Find the best camera accessories for your LG G4

LG G4 Action & Outdoors | Design for your favour sports

Ready to take on your next adventure? Attach your LG G4 or GoPro to chest straps, helmets and more to dive into the extreme. Specially designed for the action sports enthusiasts, our collection includes suction cup mounts, selfie monopods, helmet mounts and more for various outdoor activities. All of them are equipped with high stability for you to move around with flexibility while recording and taking shots at high speed and angles.

One System. Endless adventure. Using our Patented X-MOUNT Slide & Lock mechanism, it secures your LG G4to shoot video when you are riding, driving or even sky diving. Your LG G4 can be just mounted in a second with our quick mounting solutions.

Design your own gear now for your favorite sports & outdoors adventures. Turn your LG G4 HD action camera, training buddy & more. Design for LG G4

LG G4 sport sweat proof headphone & weatherproof outdoor speaker

We have wide selection of headphones, earphones and microphone speakers for your G4 choose from in-ear, on-ear and around-ear wireless headphones. rainproof and sweat proof design for sports. It is ultra compact in size and light weight for your phone calls and music.

Our speaker really shines outdoors and connects easily to your G4 via bluetooth. While you're enjoying the great outdoors this Summer, whether at the beach or elsewhere, you’re going to want the loudest portable waterproof Bluetooth speaker you can find.

Find the best headset and speaker for your G4

LG G4 Power Bank / Portable charger / Cable

We have wide selection of power bank battery, portable charger. It serve as an 'extra battery' or external charger for your G4

It is ultra compact with high speed charging. Find the best power bank to charge your G4

LG G4 Car Mount & Indoor Universal Holder design for car | Table top | Home & Kitchen.

ARMOR-X offers a G4 car mount that will stick to your windshield or dashboard, offering you 360-degree rotation when in place. It is is a multiple-compatibility G4 car mount with wide selection from air vent mount, car windshield suction cup mount to CD car mount. Easy to install and keep your G4 secure.

We also have table top, C-clamp, suction mount design for your home or kitchen use and turn your G4 as cooking book or media music center.

Best design for G4

ARMOR-X Shockproof Protective Cases for LG G4

Want to cover your LG G4 with the best protection? Armor-X has the best LG G4 rugged cases with excellent protection. Great hand feeling & excellent protection for your device. LG G4 Check below and find out more details about our impact protection cases.

With our unique screen protector to provide 360 degree protection of your LG G4. From ultra clear tempered glass to Anti-Blue light film protects your eyes.

Find the best rugged case and screen protector for your LG G4 Now.