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ARMOR-X HUAWEI SMARTPHONE & TAB IP68 2 meter waterproof case with carabiner


Armor-x X-mount protective waterproof case HUAWEI SMARTPHONE & TAB armband sport app

The X-Mount System is a patented design. It helps to secure devices to our series of heavy-duty mounts and racks. Specially designed for sports lovers, devices with X-Mounts can be moved conveniently and quickly between settings. Devices become rugged GPS navigators, action cameras, and companions in extreme terrain, weather, and underwater. Empower your smart device in extremes

MX-AP7 ARMOR-X HUAWEI SMARTPHONE & TAB IP68 2 meter waterproof case with carabiner

MX-AP7 ARMOR-X HUAWEI SMARTPHONE & TAB IP68 2 meter waterproof case with carabiner



We understand your needs as an active lifestyle individual – always out and about, excited to embrace your next adventure. Some days you are sailing a boat enjoying the warmth of sunshine; other days you are running through the hills pushing your body beyond limits. Wherever you go, you cannot leave your Huawei Enjoy series behind. After all, your phone isn’t just a phone; it is a GPS, personal trainer, music player, action camera and more in disguise. But as delicate and fragile as it is, extreme care, maintenance and protections are required. That’s why at Armor-X we took the time to create a remarkable variety of products for your Huawei Enjoy series, ranging from shockproof, waterproof and rugged cases in hard and soft form. Combined with useful accessories including a belt clip and carabiner, our feature-packed waterproof and shockproof cases are undoubtedly one of best on the market. As a team of dedicated individuals with years of experience in research, development and creative product design, we have also invested tremendous effort in developing an outstanding mounting solution, the X-mount system. Users can slide, lock and secure their devices to almost any surface with our universal adaptor.


In addition to our Huawei Enjoy series cases, Armor-X also offers a wide selection of mounts and accessories to complement your smartphone for the highest level of protection and convenience. Explore a world full of possibilities with us now.


Bike mounts

Our multi-functional bike mounts are created to suit your outdoor needs as cyclists. The 180-degree rotation feature allows you to adjust to horizontal or upright viewing easily so you can navigate through maps and apps in strenuous surroundings with convenience and ease. Flip up your phone or camera from the mount to capture the beauty of your adventures while riding. Made with high-impact materials, they are highly resistant to endure nature’s extreme forces anywhere.


Car mounts

Commuting has never been this easy. Get instant traffic updates and avoid congestion with our versatile car mounts. Mount your phone to the dashboard, windshield or air vent so you can keep your eyes on the road at all times. From cup suction mounts, adhesive mounts and bar mounts, a wide selection is available depending on your needs and preferences. Easy to install and remove, our mounts ensure maximum protection for your phone through the bumpy roads.



Transform your armband into a personal trainer and music player to begin your jogging journey. Experience quality, comfortable materials with extra space for you to store your keys, cash and cards. If you prefer an armband without the bulk of a pouch, we also have you covered. Simply slide and lock your phone tight with the help of our mounting adaptor. Whether you have a small or big arm, you can easily adjust to your size accordingly.


Action sports mounts

Ready to take on your next adventure? Attach your GoPro or camera to chest straps, helmets and more to dive into the extreme. Specially designed for the action sports enthusiasts, our collection includes suction cup mounts, selfie monopods, helmet mounts and more for various outdoor activities. All of them are equipped with high stability for you to move around with flexibility while recording and taking shots at high speed and angles.


For creative travelers

Telling a good story is everything. Whether you are a seasonal travel blogger or nature lover, our multi-functional stabilizers and tripods are handy tools that let you mount your camera and phone simultaneously. Take your creative photography and videography to the next level now.


“One system. Endless adventure.” is the motto we live by at Armor-X. With the simple concept of Slide, Lock & Go, users can attach their devices anywhere with our universal mounting adaptor. Stretch beyond limits with us today.

Armor-X | Best Mountable Protective Cases for Huawei Enjoy series

Armor-X offers the best collection of waterproof, shockproof and rugged cases for Huawei Enjoy series. Mount your phone instantly to your bike, boat and more!

ARMOR-X Huawei Waterproof Enjoy series case / Shockproof Enjoy series case with X-mount system.

We are built on creating protective mountable water proof / shock proof protective cases for Enjoy series and push the limits of design, technology, and Engineering. Most functional covers & accessories - from waterproof & rugged cases, to, car mount, armband and bike mount design for Enjoy series.

One system. Endless adventure. | With patented interchangeable X-mount system, let you mount on your bike, car, helmet or even boat. It is the strongest, lightest and most secure mounting solutions on the market included bike mount, car suction cup mount, tripod mount, armband, boat mount and even actions sports. Change the way you play with your Enjoy series and turn it into a training buddy, a bike computer, travel navigation GPS with live traffic updates or HD Action Camera.

Armor-X has the best Enjoy series waterproof cases with IP68 protection, Enjoy series impact rugged protection cases, Enjoy series fish eye cases and more. Active style cases design for outdoors and adventures.

SLIDE, LOCK & GO! Best protection and rugged case for Enjoy series