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ARMOR-X Asus Zenfone IP68 2 meter waterproof case with carabiner


Armor-x X-mount protective waterproof case Asus Zenfone armband sport app

The X-Mount System is a patented design. It helps to secure devices to our series of heavy-duty mounts and racks. Specially designed for sports lovers, devices with X-Mounts can be moved conveniently and quickly between settings. Devices become rugged GPS navigators, action cameras, and companions in extreme terrain, weather, and underwater. Empower your smart device in extremes

ARMOR-X Asus Zenfone IP68 2 meter waterproof case with carabiner

ARMOR-XAsus Zenfone IP68 2 meter waterproof case with carabiner



ARMOR-X Asus Waterproof Zenfone case / Shockproof Zenfone case with X-mount system.  

We are built on creating protective mountable water proof / shock proof protective cases for Zenfone and push the limits of design, technology, and Engineering. Most functional covers & accessories - from waterproof & rugged cases, to, car mount, armband and bike mount design for Zenfone.

One system. Endless adventure. | With patented interchangeable X-mount system, let you mount on your bike, car, helmet or even boat. It is the strongest, lightest and most secure mounting solutions on the market included bike mount, car suction cup mount, tripod mount, armband, boat mount and even actions sports. Change the way you play with your Zenfone and turn it into a training buddy, a bike computer, travel navigation GPS with live traffic updates or HD Action Camera.

Armor-X has the best Zenfone waterproof cases with IP68 protection, Zenfone impact rugged protection cases, Zenfone fish eye cases and more. Active style cases design for outdoors and adventures.

SLIDE, LOCK & GO! Best protection and rugged case for Zenfone

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