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AG-W1-ACI2 Alcatel Idol Waterproof Soft Case Cover for 3(5.5) 2 MINI X

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3 meter Waterproof Sport cover for iPhone 6 & 5.6" Smarphone with Carabiner & Armband Integrated with X-mount Eco-System



Universal Waterproof case Design for any iPhone, Android Smartphone & Cell Phone

With our waterproof case, it change the way you work and play with your Android Smartphone & Cell phone. Turn your Smartphone into a training buddy, travel navigation GPS, dirt-proof cook book or Sea map. 100% waterproof design with extreme protection from water, dust, snow and shock.

It integrated with patented X-mount magnetic-align adaptor, which  gives you the freedom to incorporate with our X-mount system. More than 50 different mounts designed for your outdoor adventures or daily life uses.

  • IPX8 waterproof standard
  • Submersible to 3 meters / 10 feet for 30 mins
  • Universal design fit for Smartphone
  • Integrated with X-mount Adpator
  • Floatable design for watersports
  • Impact protection with air bumper on edges 
  • Touch screen full control   
  • Access all the press button
  • Access charging port from the sealing zip lock
  • Hand & Shoulder Strap are included

Size : 108 mm ( W ) x 180 mm ( L )
Weight: 80g

Maximum fit for dimensions:
88 x 160 x 10 mm  |  6.4 x 3.3 x 0.45"

Optional mounts: bike mount, snow mobile, car mount, boat mount, tripod mount, aviation mount

Design for watersports & outdoors:
Individual Water Sports - Stand Up Paddle SUP, Swimming, Surfing, Windsurfing, Jet Ski, Wakeboard, water Ski, Kitesurfing, Skimboard, Bodyboard, Fishing, Angling
Team watersports - rafting, rowing, sailing, kayaking, Canoeing, yacht, Snorkeling, water aerobic.


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AG-W1-ACI2 Alcatel Idol Waterproof Soft Case Cover for 3(5.5) 2 MINI X

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Universal design fit for the following model:

alcatel X1
alcatel Flash Plus 2
alcatel Idol 4s
alcatel Idol 3 (5.5)
alcatel Pop 3 (5)
alcatel Pixi 3 (4)
alcatel Idol 4
alcatel Pixi 3 (4.5)
alcatel Idol 3 (4.7)
alcatel Flash Plus
alcatel Pop 4
alcatel Pixi 4 (5)
alcatel Pop C7
alcatel Pop Star
alcatel One Touch Pixi
alcatel Pixi 4 (4)
alcatel Pop 4+
alcatel Idol X
alcatel One Touch Idol
alcatel Pop C9
alcatel Idol 2
alcatel Pop 4S
alcatel Pixi 3 (3.5)
alcatel Pixi First
alcatel One Touch Idol Ultra
alcatel Pop 2 (4.5)
alcatel Pop C5
alcatel Idol X+
alcatel Go Play
alcatel Pop Star LTE
alcatel Idol 2 Mini
alcatel Pop C3
alcatel Idol Mini
alcatel 2012
alcatel Fierce 2
alcatel Pixi 3 (5)
alcatel Idol 2 Mini S
alcatel Pop D5
alcatel Pop C1
alcatel Fierce XL (Windows)
alcatel Pop Up
alcatel One Touch Snap
alcatel Idol Alpha
alcatel Hero
alcatel Fierce
alcatel 10.16G
alcatel Flash
alcatel Evolve 2
alcatel One Touch M'Pop
alcatel GO Watch
alcatel Pop Astro
alcatel Idol 2 S
alcatel Pop D3
alcatel Pop Icon
alcatel Pixi 2
alcatel Pop S3
alcatel 2007
alcatel One Touch T'Pop
alcatel One Touch S'Pop
alcatel Pixi 4 (3.5)
alcatel One Touch Star
alcatel Evolve
alcatel One Touch Scribe Easy
alcatel One Touch X'Pop
alcatel Idol 3C
alcatel Watch
alcatel Pop C2
alcatel 2001
alcatel Orange Klif
alcatel One Touch Scribe HD

Package included:
IPX8 Smarphone waterproof case x1
with X-mount adaptor | TYPE-M
X-mount Silicone cover x 1
Carabiner x1
Armband x1             
Water testing paper x1
User manual x1

*Remark: In the product details page, we may illustrate how the protective case is mounted on bike, armband or etc. All those mounts are NOT included in this package except mentioned above.          
 *  Packaging: color box retail packaging.